Nov 13 2012

Seeing God’s Hand in Technology

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Yesterday’s entry about coincidences reminded me of something that Fluffy has long believed. He has said that inventions are created when the world is ready for them — that when the time comes that the invention is needed, God inspires several people around the world with the idea, so that at least one of them will bring the idea to fruition and the invention will be produced.

One good example of this is the birth of television. Depending on where you look, you will learn that the father of television is either Vladimir Zworkin of Russia or Philo Farnsworth of Utah. The two of them independently came up with the ideas that were used to transmit pictures as well as sounds over the airwaves.

The result of this God-given inspiration was that we get to watch, “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” on TLC. Wait. That sounds a little cynical. Let’s try it again.

Television has been a boon and a blessing to us in numerous ways. It united the world when man landed on the moon. It televised the Kennedy assassination, the Challenger explosion, and the incidents of September 11. It has shown us the horrors of war, but it also introduced us to the Beatles and invited us to Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding.

Because of television, we watched Jack Ruby murder Lee Harvey Oswald. We saw the Berlin Wall come down. We got to see a lone Chinese student facing down a tank in Tiananmen Square. And we Mormons get to see prophets and apostles talking to us, live and in our living rooms, every October and every April, just like clockwork.

It is Fluffy’s belief that it was for conference that television was invented. Who’s to say that wasn’t at least a big part of it? And thanks to television, we have a very young-looking Gordon B. Hinckley predicting in 1981 something that sounded just like the invention of the internet.

Although then-Elder Hinckley was speaking only of a means of getting conference addresses immediately to church members around the world, nobody can argue that the internet is responsible for gigantic strides in genealogical research. Today we can sit in our homes and access information that formerly was available only by traveling halfway across the world and going from church to church or courthouse to courthouse sniffing out records.

When we were ready for the internet, the internet came to us.

Next time you see a big technological advancement, look beyond it. We’re not just getting these inventions so we can watch trash TV or play poker over the internet. There’s purpose in it — God’s purpose. If we look for His hand in it, maybe we can even see what that purpose is.


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