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Dec 18 2013

Christmas Letter

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If we had a Christmas letter this year, this is what it might look like.

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Apr 11 2013

Back Online

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Planet Kathy is back online after more than a four-month hiatus. I did not plan this hiatus, but it happened upon me.

I have written a few articles since returning home for the Nauvoo Times. They will appear here about twice a week until I catch up. Then, as nature intended, I will run articles in the Nauvoo Times that previously appeared here.

I am currently planning for two essays a week to appear here. Eventually I want to get back to the five-a-week schedule.

Being in a coma and now in a wheelchair is a real booger. But life is good anyway, and I want the world to know it.

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Dec 18 2012

Madam Kathy Update

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Our dear sweet Miss Kathy was admitted to the hospital on December 5th, with what was later diagnosed as a severe case of pneumonia.  After seeing no improvement over night, the doctors decided that the best course of action was to put her to sleep, put her on a ventilator and let her body heal.

About a week later, the infection was gone, so they took her off of the sleep medication.  It took her more than three days to show signs of waking.  Her lungs had a hard time getting used to breathing on her own again, so they performed a tracheostomy yesterday so that she can get more air into her lungs and wean herself from the ventilator gradually.

The plan is to move her from the hospital (hopefully this week) to a rehabilitation facility where they can work with her to get her lungs and her body back into shape.  After almost two weeks in bed, she is weak and cannot even do simple tasks such as move her limbs.  It may take her some time to get back to her keyboard, but hopefully the more serious portions of this little journey are behind her.

Standing by Kathy's hospital bed is like being on the space shuttle!

Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.  Kathy and Fluffy know they have been helpful and we appreciate all of her faithful readers and friends.

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Jul 06 2012

Looking for a Clean Book?

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Are you looking for a book where the heroine doesn’t have to put out to get her man? My friend Erin McBride has written a trilogy, and although I haven’t read the books I sure do like the author. Here’s her link.

We need funding for a trilogy of that embraces (not disgraces) conservative principles, family values, and the American Dream.

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May 21 2012

Calling All Mormons!

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A new LDS magazine, Nauvoo Times, premieres today. Here’s the link.  New articles appear every weekday.  Be sure to tell your friends.

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May 13 2012

Back on Planet Kathy

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After two weeks away from Planet Kathy, Madame K is back home on her own planet again. I regret not being around to respond to comments these past two weeks, but I didn’t have internet access when I was back on Earth. Now that Planet Kathy is back in its proper orbit, I am here for whatever fun and excitement I can handle. Life is sweet.

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Jan 27 2012

Another Blog for You

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Okay, people. Here’s a Planet Kathy spinoff! Planet Kathy reader and commenter Marian Stoddard has started her own blog. Be one of her first readers!

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Jan 21 2012

Split Causes Planet Kathy to Wobble

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Special Saturday Alert!

A new actor is being sought to play the role of “Fluffy” on the popular Planet Kathy blog, after the announcement of Heidi Klum’s pending divorce caused Clark L. Kidd to issue a press release saying he is moving on to pursue his lifelong dream of finding love in the arms of the German supermodel.

Could this be the next Mr. Heidi Klum?

Kathy, who plays the role of “Kathy” on Planet Kathy, is said to be inconsolable. However, she has long acknowledged that she knew Fluffy’s heart was with Heidi Klum, and that if Klum and the British singer Seal ever split, she would probably be forced to outsource the “Fluffy” role to another actor.

Fluffy says the Kidd/Kidd breakup will be amicable, and that he will always be grateful to his former wife for propelling him to superstardom. However, he added that, “When it comes down to a contest between Kathy and Heidi Klum, it is only obvious where my allegiance lies.”

Sources close to the pair have confirmed that Fluffy has said auf Wiedersehen to the tearful Kathy. “She should have known this was going to happen,” he reportedly told friends. “After all, one day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.”

As of Saturday afternoon, only Jerry Lewis and Adam Sandler have expressed interest in playing the part of Fluffy, although Kathy fears that neither actor will be able to master the subtle nuances of the popular “Fluffy” role. “The Planet Kathy website is in chaos until a new actor can be found who expresses fluffyhood as well as Clark did,” a Kathy mournfully told the press.

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Jan 12 2012

A Day without Planet Kathy

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For those of you who tried to orbit Planet Kathy on Thursday and were unable to do so, I would like to assure you that yes, I was current on my bill for the site. Apparently the company I use changed servers without telling anyone, so the whole planet was out of orbit all day long. At least it wasn’t my fault!

Anyway, the blog I had ready for Thursday is now here on Friday, and Monday and Tuesday’s blogs are in the hopper. I hope this doesn’t happen again, but even the Queen of the Universe is sometimes held hostage by computer issues.


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Dec 23 2011

No Kidding — A Christmas Letter for You!

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Here’s the Kidd family Christmas letter for 2011. To regular blog readers, there is no news here. But hey — you can say you’re on the distribution list!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Washington D.C. Temple decorated for Christmas, 2011.

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